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The President's Press Conference was a Home Run

On Thursday, President Donald Trump led a press conference in the White House. He started off the shindig ordinarily enough by announcing his new pick for Labor Secretary, Alexander Acosta, in the wake of Puzder’s downfall. However, that monotone announcement was the last vestige of normalcy — the event went on to become a combination of Rumsfeld’s classic confrontations with the press and Trump’s signature reality TV drama.

First and foremost, Trump attacked the media’s embellishments of the latest headlines — namely the Flynn epic — and offered the truth. However, as he continued on, it became less about the stories and more about the institution itself. Trump seized the opportunity to criticize the media for their biased reporting on his endeavors, and who can blame him? He had the perps gathered and he had the cameras rolling — it was the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. Trump told off the media on one hand, but on the other he showed the American people that he wasn’t…