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Leader Pelosi's Blunders

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California) is under heat because of the Democratic Party's losses in the four contests that have been held to replace Trump administration appointees.

One of the first Trump appointees to be confirmed was CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who vacated his seat as the US Representative from Kansas' fourth district. The district is solidly Republican and Pompeo performed very strongly there in his bids, but the Democrats worked to turn their grassroots anti-Trump energy into votes against Republican candidate Ron Estes, the former state treasurer. In part because the DCCC made a minimal investment in the race, Estes won by a little less than seven points.

Trump appointed Ryan Zinke for Secretary of the Interior, leaving his Montana congressional seat up for grabs. Perhaps learning that a larger investment should've been made in the Kansas special election, the Democrats allocated more plentiful resources to the Democratic candidate in the Montan…