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From Russia With Love

I spent the week in Seaside, a small community found in Walton County on the Florida Panhandle. Since the region is predominantly conservative, I felt safe bringing my Trump hat with me and I wore it when I went out for walks every morning. I was surprised to see a lack of enthusiasm for the president on the first few days that I wore it, but on Friday morning, everyone was expressing their support for Trump.

President Donald Trump

I attribute this 11th-hour enthusiasm to people's anger at the liberal media, a conglomerate of cable news networks and newspapers that has a shared goal: advancing the leftist anti-Trump agenda. During the campaign, they worked for Hillary Clinton at the expense of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), her main primary challenger, and Donald Trump, her opponent in the general election. This was done through negative coverage, calculated releases of damaging information, and outright personal and political attacks. 

As of late, the media has been working around the clock to propagate the newest conspiracy theory of the left: the Trump-Russia collusion. Their story is that Trump's campaign worked with the Kremlin to propagate pro-Trump fake news articles and to hack the DNC servers, and they have been working hard to find ample substantiation. Thus far, they have a few things to show as evidence: the improprieties of Michael Flynn, Trump's former NSC director; the recusal of Jeff Sessions, the attorney general; the disposal of James Comey, the embattled FBI director; and as of late, the enthusiasm of Donald Trump Jr. to gather anti-Clinton intel. 

The first three actors involved, Flynn, Sessions, and Comey, pave the way for the story. Flynn had improper contact with the Kremlin and proposed the easing of sanctions, and when confronted, he lied to Vice President Pence about these communications. In response, he was told to resign. Problem solved. As for Sessions, it was revealed that he had met with the Russian ambassador twice while he was a senator from Alabama. Accordingly, he recused himself from the DOJ investigation into the Russian interference. Problem solved. As for Comey, Trump fired him because of his mishandling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton. Nothing to report on that front. 

These three cogs didn't do enough to shape the Russia story that the liberal media sought to report on, so they went after Donald Trump Junior. The son of the president and an informal advisor on the 2016 campaign, he had apparently communicated with a female Russian lawyer who offered intelligence on Hillary Clinton. He went on to meet with this woman, who ended up having nothing -- she had merely wanted face time to discuss the effect of sanctions on Russia. This revelation fit right into the media's agenda, apparently affirming that there was in fact a collusion between Russia and Trump's campaign staff.

Donald Trump Jr.

However, there is nothing to report on. The lawyer was not an agent of the Kremlin, and at that time, Trump Jr. would have no reason to be concerned over Russia -- the interference wasn't even a story until later on in the campaign season. Additionally, Trump Jr. never accepted a contribution, for the lawyer had no information. Once it was revealed that The New York Times had the story, Trump Jr. was transparent about what had happened and released his email chain with the lawyer on Twitter. 

Donald Trump has been the president of the United States for almost seven months, but his ability to advance his agenda has been severely hindered by the ubiquitous investigation. The American people are sick of hearing about the Russian collusion story, which they realize is a falsehood propagated by Trump's enemies on the Hill and the liberal media, and they want to move onto victories as far as policy. It is for that reason that my Trump hat spurred greater enthusiasm once the media had pounded the Trump Jr. story one time too many.

If anything, the American people would be more interested in seeing Hillary Clinton prosecuted for her improper use of a private email server and the quid pro quo deals that she made when she was the head of the State Department. At least in the case of Clinton, there is valid sustenance for the claims leveled against her.

Or, since there is apparently a lack of worthwhile investigations to spend money on, we could investigate the Obama administration for giving the Russian lawyer the visa that allowed her to enter the United States.