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Amnesty Erodes Rule of Law

Illegal immigration, largely a result of permeability along the southern border, is a problem that has affected our country for a long time. According to the Pew Research Center, there are currently 11 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. This figure represents 3.4% of our population.

Out of sheer expense as well humanity, I do not see mass deportations as the answer. It is simply not practical to eject 11 million people from our country. However, the idea of wholesale amnesty for illegal immigrants also rubs me in a bad way for several reasons.

First off, every illegal alien has committed the crime of entering our country without approval from the United States government. While a wide majority of them do not “bring drugs” or “crime,” more than a few do commit so-called victimless crimes like as tax evasion, welfare fraud, or voter fraud.

Additionally, illegal immigrants take jobs that could otherwise be filled by American citizens and undercut pay.

Illegal immigrants regularly cross the U.S.-Mexico border

Many politicians on both sides of the aisle advocate for weak immigration policy, including prominent 2016 presidential candidates like Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and John Kasich. Amnesty is the new battle cry of "compassionate conservative" politicians, for it protects the current illegal alien population from being subject to deportation.

What these advocates for amnesty do not realize is that it erodes the rule of law significantly. This was demonstrated in 1986. Ronald Reagan issued amnesty to the illegals in the country at that time and an influx of illegal immigration ensued.

The 1986 amnesty demonstrates that if we give a free pass to illegal immigrants rather than establishing a path to citizenship on a case by case basis, it establishes a slippery slope of lawlessness. This even holds true for the DREAMers, who are here by no fault of their own.

The reality is that amnesty encourages further illegal immigration. While amnesty only relieves the people already here of the fear of deportation, it establishes the precedent that the United States doesn't have an issue with illegal immigration. We should set in stone that we are a nation of laws and that our borders are not open for anyone who wants to come in. We have a complex immigration system intended to vet those who want to live in our country, and this system allows for the security of our citizens.

Additionally, those who complete the task of legal immigration, a long process, have showed commitment and dedication to our country and our laws. Giving amnesty to illegal immigrants not only establishes the precedent that illegal immigration is acceptable in the eyes of the government, it serves as a slap in the face to those who completed the process legally.

Therefore, amnesty should only be given on a case-by-case basis. There are illegal immigrants living in our country, namely the DREAMers, who are good people that deserve to pursue the American dream. I see no problem with establishing a path to citizenship for the good people who love America and respect our country's laws.

However, there are also those who do not. Consider the likes of Tessa Tranchant, Sarah Root, and Glenn Ronnebeck, who were killed by illegal immigrants. Their killers do not deserve the treat of American residency or citizenship, and a vetting process would help make sure that they are either in prison or sent back to their home country.


If President Donald Trump does decide to issue blanket amnesty to the DREAMers (or God forbid, the entire illegal immigrant population), there must be a preventative set in place to block the inevitable influx of illegal immigration that will follow.

The wall is the most common-sense of the options. The president centered his candidacy around the proposal, and perhaps because of his hardline stance, illegal immigration was initially down when compared to the same time period in 2016. However, border crossings have risen again, perhaps because illegal immigrants realize that the promise of a wall was half-hearted at best or empty at worst. It is up to President Trump to make good and show them that he is serious about border security because as we speak, our fortifications are a disgrace. In some areas, there are none.

Trump secured the presidency based on his immigration stance

Aside from protecting the American people from criminal acts at the hands of illegal immigrants, a border wall would assist with blocking the drugs that enter our country through the southern border. According to The Recovery Village, “Most of the illicit drugs come into the United States across the vast 2,000-mile land border between the US and Mexico.” We can easily prevent this influx and limit the power of the drug cartels by instituting proper fortifications.

There is one reality that is unavoidable. Every day that the thought of amnesty is on the table without the wall under construction, there is no reason for an illegal immigrant not to enter our country. There is incentive, that being the potential for receiving amnesty, and there is no preventative. With that being said, President Trump needs to act fast in making his decision. He can either accept amnesty without a preventative, something that he will have to accept blame for, or he can uphold his promises.

However, the president's supporters overwhelmingly support the latter. It is his initiative, but it will determine whether or not he wins his second term.