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Twitter Poll: 83% Seek Special Prosecutor for Clinton

Yesterday, I published an article making the case that there should be a special prosecutor appointed to investigate Hillary Clinton's crimes: perjury, obstruction of justice, and gross carelessness in the handling of highly sensitive materials. These offenses all stem from her improper use of a private email server and her deletion of 31,830 emails upon being told to hand them over to the State Department.

Hillary Clinton

Seeking the opinions of others, I set up a poll on my Twitter account. The question was simple enough: "Should Hillary Clinton be investigated by a special prosecutor?" I expected that the votes would be divided between "Yes" and "No," and accordingly I was quite surprised by the final tally.

83% of the respondents supported a special prosecutor for Clinton. Apparently, an overwhelming majority of the American people seek an investigation into Hillary Clinton that is not tainted by James Comey and Loretta Lynch, both of whom were staples of the Obama Administration.  

Only 13% of the respondents didn't seek a special prosecutor for Clinton. This demonstrates that even though Clinton won 48% of the vote, the American people still seriously question her trustworthiness and believe that she should be investigated. 

Finally, 4% of Americans were undecided. This is a small bloc, but it is critical to inform them of Hillary Clinton's crimes so that there is a greater amount of Americans in support of a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of the email fiasco. That can be done by sharing my previous article, Special Prosecutor Should Investigate Clinton.

The president and Attorney General Jeff Sessions can take these poll results as they wish, but they would probably be well suited upholding the rule of law in the United States. This can be accomplished only by holding Hillary Clinton accountable for her mistakes.