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American Public: Sec. Clinton Abused State Dept.

According to a recent FDL Review Twitter poll, 97% of respondents believe that Hillary Clinton turned the U.S. State Department "into a shell for her pay-to-play schemes." The poll, which attracted 4,880 votes, was retweeted 437 times.

Hillary Clinton

Clinton, who was the U.S. secretary of State during Barack Obama's first term and the Democratic presidential nominee in 2016, is extremely unpopular. According to major polls, she is perceived by the majority of voters as being untrustworthy.

In the heat of the 2016 election, The Washington Post wrote, "In an NBC-Wall Street Journal poll in late June, 69 percent of respondents said they were concerned that Clinton has a record or reputation as untrustworthy."

Clinton has specifically been indicted by the court of public opinion for corruption. In one instance, Clinton approved the sale of 20% of the U.S.' uranium production capacity to a Russian state-owned company in exchange for large contributions to the Clinton Foundation. This transaction, if one can call it that, has attracted the ire of conservatives who support the rule of law (including President Donald Trump).

Additionally, analytical research has proven that those who donated to the foundation were able to obtain face time with Clinton and her top aides. A report in The New York Post outlined the scope of this relationship between contributions and access:

At least 85 of the 154 nongovernment fat cats who got access to Clinton donated to her family charity or promised to back its programs, either personally or through businesses or other groups, according to a review of State Department documents by The Associated Press.

If our poll is any indication, the American public comprehends the scope of Secretary Clinton's abuse of her office. The case against Clinton is much, much more clear cut than the case for Trump-Russia collusion.

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