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CNN Misleads Readers on President Trump's Health

CNN, a left-leaning news network that has been attacked by President Donald Trump for its false and misleading coverage, has spent months propagating conspiracy theories concerning the president's health. A headline posted on Saturday, which remained in a top-shelf position on their site as of midday on Sunday, pushed these rumors and played on the minds of CNN readers.

The headline, which read, "Doctors want President Trump's head examined," is extremely deceptive because of the context.

In recent days, the news media reported on the fact that President Trump was examined by government doctors, who gave him a clean bill of health. Understanding that Americans had this in their minds, CNN published a headline that made it seem like Trump's doctors pushed for a head examination. This is simply untrue.

President Donald Trump

The "doctors" mentioned by the CNN headline never examined Trump personally and are staunch liberals: At least 15 of them have donated to Democratic candidates in the past. They are also in violation of American Psychiatric Association rules, which explicitly state that professionals may not diagnose those whom they have never met.

All the while, CNN lambasted those who questioned the health of 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton (who had health emergencies as secretary of State and collapsed into a van on September 11, 2016).

An August 2016 article wrote off questions of Clinton's health as being spurred by "junk science and conspiracy theories" and said that those who asked had an "unhealthy obsession."