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Sec. Clinton, the FBI is on Line Two

In Little Rock, Arkansas, the home of the Clinton Foundation, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents are conducting interviews with those close to Hillary and Bill Clinton. The intention of the probe is to ascertain whether the former president and secretary of State were engaged in pay-for-play schemes under the foundation mantle.

Hillary Clinton & President Vladimir Putin of Russia

Clinton's career in the State Department, which was marked by the destabilization of the Middle East, was overshadowed by accusations that she accepted millions of dollars in bribes in exchange for pushing through official policy.

For example, Clinton has been indicted by the court of public opinion for accepting large bribes in exchange for approving the sale of Uranium One to a Russian state-owned energy giant. The deal effectively allowed for the sale of 20% of the U.S. uranium production capacity to the Russians, and it was later revealed that some of the uranium was moved from the U.S. to Europe.

The Hill published a report on the new investigation, which was written by John Solomon:

The Justice Department has launched a new inquiry into whether the Clinton Foundation engaged in any pay-to-play politics or other illegal activities while Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State, law enforcement officials and a witness tells The Hill. 
FBI agents from Little Rock, Ark., where the Foundation was started, have taken the lead in the investigation and have interviewed at least one witness in the last month, and law enforcement officials said additional activities are expected in coming weeks. 
The officials, who spoke only on condition of anonymity, said the probe is examining whether the Clintons promised or performed any policy favors in return for largesse to their charitable efforts or whether donors made commitments of donations in hopes of securing government outcomes.