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Republicans Surging Ahead of Midterms

Last year, it was commonly believed that the Republican Party would lose control of the U.S. House of Representatives in the 2018 midterms, if not the Senate.

The naysayers' argument had four proofs: The typical midterm performance for the party in power is dismal; President Donald Trump is more unpopular than recent presidents; there have been many Republican retirements, making competitive seats more obtainable for the Democrats; and congressional & senatorial Republicans have raised less money than the Democrats.

The argument against 2018 GOP success was backed up by a string of polls that showed the Republicans far behind the Democrats in the generic congressional ballot. In some surveys, the GOP trailed by double digits.
The tables have flipped, and the outlook is now much rosier for the Grand Old Party. A recent CNN poll shows that while 47% of the country wants Speaker Pelosi, 44% of respondents seek to maintain the GOP's grips on power.

The Republicans' three-p…

The Media Strikes Out Again

In this country, there is a conglomeration of hard-left channels and publications that mask their bias, leading Americans to consume their material daily. This grouping is better known as the mainstream media.

Over the course of his career in politics, Donald Trump has been brutally smeared by this increasingly hostile cadre of journalists, pundits, and talking heads.

The media first said that Trump would never win the Republican nomination, laughing off his primary bid as a joke.

Obviously, Trump became the Republican nominee, winning more votes than any Republican primary candidate in history.

The media proceeded to say that Trump would never win the presidency of the United States, with one MSNBC commentator proclaiming that he would take only 84 electoral votes.

Trump went on to win the White House with 306 electoral votes, taking Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, states that no Republican has won since the 1980s. He pulled off the feat amid a massive media effort to sink his…