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The Media Strikes Out Again

In this country, there is a conglomeration of hard-left channels and publications that mask their bias, leading Americans to consume their material daily. This grouping is better known as the mainstream media.

Over the course of his career in politics, Donald Trump has been brutally smeared by this increasingly hostile cadre of journalists, pundits, and talking heads.

President Donald Trump

The media first said that Trump would never win the Republican nomination, laughing off his primary bid as a joke.

Obviously, Trump became the Republican nominee, winning more votes than any Republican primary candidate in history.

The media proceeded to say that Trump would never win the presidency of the United States, with one MSNBC commentator proclaiming that he would take only 84 electoral votes.

Trump went on to win the White House with 306 electoral votes, taking Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, states that no Republican has won since the 1980s. He pulled off the feat amid a massive media effort to sink his candidacy, shown most prominently when NBC timed the release of the Access Hollywood tape so that it would overshadow transcripts of Hillary Clinton's speeches to Goldman Sachs.

After Trump won, the media -- aided and abetted by the Obama government -- went on full meltdown mode.

To account for Clinton's loss, Obama intelligence agencies proliferated the tall tale that Trump won the presidency by colluding with the Russian government.

The media proceeded to publicize the Fusion GPS dossier, a Clinton-financed document that made salacious claims against Trump. The report, compiled by a former British spy with the help of sources in the Kremlin, failed basic authentication checks.

Christopher Steele

Despite the Fusion dud, the media refuses to let the Trump-Russia collusion story go. They have spent the past year-and-a-half promoting stories that advance their false, Resistance-friendly narrative.

In June, the media reported that Anthony Scaramucci was under investigation, alleging that he had met with a Russian investment mogul. The story, initially published by CNN, inferred that Scaramucci offered sanctions relief to the Russian. Three staffers were fired as a result of the fib.

In early December 2017, the media lied and said that Trump had ordered Michael Flynn to communicate with Russians in the 2016 election. The organization that initially published the tale, ABC News, retracted it, but the damage was done: stocks tumbled as a result of the fake news.

Days later, CNN published an article alleging that Donald Trump Jr. received advance notice of an DNC email dump by WikiLeaks. In fact, Trump Jr. was told about the release a day after the emails were already published. CNN retracted the story, but CBS News ran with it.

Finally, on Thursday, NBC News reported that Trump attorney Michael Cohen's phone calls were wiretapped. They went as far as to allege that one of Cohen's calls to Trump was monitored.

In fact, the feds had simply obtained a blanket log of Cohen's communications -- no calls had been intercepted. NBC retracted the story.

Meanwhile, the media has advanced rumors that Trump is mentally unstable. They have called him a racist. They have proclaimed without a smidgen of truth that his policies will bankrupt America and leave its citizens destitute. Through deceptive editing, they have advanced their belief he is a uncivilized brute who makes an embarrassment out of the United States.

Simply stated, the media lies about Donald Trump and infuses their opinions into their coverage of his administration. Constantly.

One incorrect story (or even two) is forgivable. However, it is becoming obvious that there is a pattern of media lies against Trump. Their clear intent is to sabotage his presidency.

Today's journalists are not motivated by truth; they are motivated by their belief that Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from office because he won an election.

Today's journalists would rather see Donald Trump in a penitentiary in leg irons than in the history books as a great president.

President Donald Trump is correct to call out the media for publicizing their fantasies: it is the only thing that will keep them accountable to the American people.