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Democratic Poll Finds Good Numbers for North Carolina GOP

Public Policy Polling, a Democratic Party-affiliated firm, found good news for President Donald Trump in North Carolina. They observe that the president has an average lead of 0.2% over his Democratic opponents in the Old North State.

Photo: Carolina Journal

In individual races, the numbers vary slightly, PPP finds that Trump leads most of the time: "The two Democrats with leads over Trump are the best known -- Joe Biden is up 49-46 on him and Bernie Sanders is up 48-47. Trump narrowly leads the lesser known Democrats -- it's a 47-46 edge over Kamala Harris, a 48-46 one over Elizabeth Warren, and a 47-44 one over Pete Buttigieg."

While potential nominees Biden and Sanders ostensibly lead, their support in the state has been slipping. For example, in PPP's previous survey, Biden led by five. He is down to three points, squarely within the poll's 4% margin of error.

PPP also observed a sharp increase in support for Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Forest, currently the Tar Heel State's lieutenant governor. They write,

We also find a close race for Governor, with [incumbent Democrat] Roy Cooper leading Dan Forest 45-41. This represents a significant tightening from PPP's last poll of the race in January when Cooper led 47-35. The movement since then is due to Forest consolidating his support among Republican leaning voters. On the January poll Forest's advantage among Trump voters was 62-18, but now it's 76-9.

While PPP still gives a small advantage to the Democratic incumbent, Spry Strategies finds that Forest leads by four points (44% for Forest to 40% for Cooper).

Dan Forest (photo:

Forest still has a lot of room to grow, too. Per PPP, 14% of voters are undecided in a Cooper-Forest matchup, and 60% of the state has no opinion on Forest (his net favorability rating is presently +6).

The lieutenant governor's potential contrasts with that of Cooper, whose approvals are currently underwater (40% approve and 41% disapprove).