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Analysis: Boris Johnson Ushered in a Conservative Resurgence

Before Boris Johnson became the heir apparent of the Conservative Party, the Brexit Party was in the ascendancy and the Tories briefly dipped below Labour in the polls.

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Boris Johnson

Now, the Conservatives are pegged at a seemingly-impenetrable 37% in POLITICO's poll aggregation, compared to a measly 24% for the Labour Party. It is fair to call this polling resurgence "The Boris Effect," as the prime minister has rejuvenated the right-of-center voting base and negotiated a palatable Brexit deal with the European Union.

Johnson even has some comparing him to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, a transformational leader who is said to have rescued Britain from socialism. A member of the British Parliament said,

I have to say, and I said to him the other day, he’s the best thing that’s happened to our party since Margaret Thatcher. I remember our party conferences when Margaret Thatcher was our leader and this place was bubbling with enthusiasm and determination, belief and optimism. I see that coming back to our Conservative Party. He’s a real leader and he’s going to lead our country to great success in the future.

Polls don't vote and the ballot of an MP is equal to that of the commoner in rural England. Now that Parliament has approved a parliamentary election for December 12th, the British destiny is finally in the hands of the British people. We know who we are supporting.