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Monmouth Poll: Americans Don't Trust Impeachment Inquiry

Monmouth University conducted a poll of 908 adults, finding that public support for impeachment has plateaued as Americans have come to distrust the Democrats' inquiry.

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President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump's approval among registered voters is 45%, up from 43% in Monmouth's September survey. Here are other findings from the poll:

  • Support for impeaching Trump plateaus: "44% of Americans feel that Trump should be impeached and compelled to leave the presidency, while 51% disagree with this course of action. These results are similar to a Monmouth University Poll taken in late September (44% for impeachment and 52% against)..."
  • Not many Americans see reason to impeach Trump immediately: Only "a plurality (37%) say that his actions are clearly grounds for impeachment and another 17% say that his actions should be looked into as possible impeachable offenses. On the other side of public opinion, just 16% say Trump has not done anything wrong at all and 28% say that some of his actions may have been improper but do not rise to the level of an impeachable offense."
  • Americans don't trust the Democrats' impeachment inquiry: "Just 24% say they have a lot of trust in how the House impeachment inquiry has been conducted so far, 29% have a little trust, and 44% have no trust at all."
  • Americans see vice on both sides: "Just 31% of Americans say congressional Democrats are more interested in pursuing the facts while 60% say they are more interested in finding ways to bring down Trump. Even fewer Americans (25%) say congressional Republicans are more interested in pursuing the facts while 61% say they are more interested in finding ways to defend Trump."