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Harley Spiller: Jaded During the Election?

Google defines "jaded" as "tired, bored, or lacking enthusiasm, typically after having had too much of something." Synonyms include surfeited, sated, satiated, glutted and an antonym is fresh. There has been more political reportage in my face these last few months than ever before. Maybe it's just because my mind's eye is taking me to pundits more because my heart is wrenching with fear at our current political climate in the USA and internationally for that matter. The amount of restaurant criticism has also been on the rise, concurrent with the onset of The Food Channel, celebrity chefs, food trucks, and more awareness of what's on our plate in general.  Is it any more or less jaded than in the past? I think not. I am certainly more jaded - I never thought, for example, that I could tire of Chinese dumpling. However, after seeing, making, reading about, and eating thousands and thousands of them, I find their appeal running thinner.  I read about

Luke Helms: The Millennial Dilemma

For as long as I can remember, I've looked forward to the day when I can vote. It has long been held up as the rite of passage into adulthood. I've often combatted the argument from some of my peers that "my vote doesn't matter,” claiming that when multiplied by the hundreds of thousands of people, this argument can have devastating implications among the electorate. I've always been determined to vote my conscience according to principles that most closely align with my economic, religious, and social beliefs. Now, in a dark turn of events, I'm being forced to consider voting for a field that I disagree with on almost every issue. No matter what I do in my first election, I will be voting against my conscience. Democrats have nominated Hillary Clinton. A proven criminal, Clinton is the biggest political juggernaut of our time. A living testament of the show House of Cards, “crooked” Hillary is an untouchable elite in Washington. Apart from disagreeing with

Juan Pablo Andrade: Latinos Support Donald Trump

I am Juan Pablo Andrade of Long Island, New York. I serve on the Donald Trump for President Campaign as a Surrogate and an Adviser for his National Diversity Coalition. I am a native Spanish speaker, and one of the only Spanish speakers serving as a Surrogate for Mr. Trump. I am on Univision, Telemundo and CNN Latino basically every week. I support Donald J. Trump. But right now, I am not acting in my position on his campaign. I am writing as a U.S. citizen, I am writing as a voter, and I am writing as a Latino. I support Donald Trump because I am Latino. I am the first one of my family born here in the United States, with my parents coming here from Venezuela and Chile. My parents both came here legally to give my sister and me the best possible opportunities available, and I want to make sure that our future generations still have those same opportunities. Many of the national and state polls have Hillary Clinton with a wide lead and that is not right. Hillary Clinton does no