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President Trump's Monumental Address

On Tuesday evening, President Donald Trump addressed a joint session of Congress and laid the groundwork for what his administration wants to do for our country.

Trump made a great gesture and invited some very special people, including Megan Crowley, Denisha Merriwether, and the wife of William Ryan Owens. Megan Crowley, for one, was saved by miracle drugs founded after her father started a research company. Expected to live until five, Crowley is now 20 and receives a college education from Notre Dame. Denisha Merriwether is a school choice success story -- she was the first in her family to graduate high school, let alone college. William Ryan Owens, a late Navy SEAL who died for his country, was recognized by Trump and received minutes of applause. Owens' late wife was obviously moved, and it was such a beautiful thing -- she even joined in on the applause for her husband.

However amazing the invitees were, they hardly overshadowed Trump's beautiful speech. He took time to…