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Editorial: Farage, Thomas, and Democracy

The Brexit Party, the four-month-old brainchild of Nigel Farage, is projected to win the plurality of Britain's seats in the European Parliament. A recent poll by YouGov shows the Brexit Party commanding 37% of the votes, trouncing Labor and the Conservatives, who are polling at 13% and 7%, respectively. The actual vote was held Thursday and results are expected to come out Sunday.

The early success of the fledgling Brexit Party are much to the dismay of the mainstream media, with The New Yorker decrying "The Alarming Return of Nigel Farage." However, for everyone other than the journalistic bourgeoisie, it is abundantly obvious why Farage has commanded such a lead: Britain is still electing European parliamentarians, three years after voting to leave the E.U.
On that fateful day in June 2016, in the face of the unelected body of bureaucratic tyrants that is the E.U., the British people cried out and said, "Enough!"
Nonetheless, the British are still living und…