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Monmouth Poll: Americans Don't Trust Impeachment Inquiry

Monmouth University conducted a poll of 908 adults, finding that public support for impeachment has plateaued as Americans have come to distrust the Democrats' inquiry.

President Donald Trump's approval among registered voters is 45%, up from 43% in Monmouth's September survey. Here are other findings from the poll:

Support for impeaching Trump plateaus: "44% of Americans feel that Trump should be impeached and compelled to leave the presidency, while 51% disagree with this course of action. These results are similar to a Monmouth University Poll taken in late September (44% for impeachment and 52% against)..."Not many Americans see reason to impeach Trump immediately: Only "a plurality (37%) say that his actions are clearly grounds for impeachment and another 17% say that his actions should be looked into as possible impeachable offenses. On the other side of public opinion, just 16% say Trump has not done anything wrong at all and 28% say that some of his a…

Joe Biden's Numbers Are Collapsing

The RCP polling average shows that Joe Biden, the former vice president, is in third place in Iowa's Democratic presidential contest. He polls at 15.7%, compared to 17.0% for South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and 22.3% for Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

As recently as September 21st, Biden was the frontrunner in the Iowa caucuses. A week before that -- on September 16th -- he was 10.5 points ahead of his closest competitor, capturing 28.5% of the vote to just 18.0% for Warren. In other words, Biden's numbers have collapsed by 12.8 points in five weeks.

The data show that Biden is now ensnared in the same downward spiral that aborted his 1988 and 2008 presidential candidacies. An article published by Salon notes,

The trends in the first-in-the-nation caucus state could spell trouble for Biden, who continues to top national polls. Biden leads among voters over 45, but just 2 percent of respondents under 45 say they plan to caucus for him, putting him behind first-time c…