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Our Election Diarist's Final Entry (11/2/20)

America, we have reached the eve of the most important election in our lifetimes. The fate of the United States is on the ballot. Allow me to offer my predictions and my recommendation. President Donald Trump The State of the Race: Today, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are making their final rounds on the campaign trail. Biden spoke in Cleveland and will proceed to Pennsylvania, where he will spend the remainder of his day. Trump started his day in North Carolina and will proceed to Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. As the story has been all campaign, Trump will be in front of a large crowd and Biden will be speaking in front of a few Honda Civics. Enthusiasm is in favor of Trump headed into election day. Headed into tomorrow, the states to watch are Minnesota (10), Michigan (16), Pennsylvania (20) and Florida (29). As I noted above, it is very telling that both Biden and Trump are spending the majority of their final day on the trail in Pennsylvania. Al