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FDL Review is dedicated to providing readers with accurate news, fact-centered commentary, and polling.

We have published material from heterodox thinkers. However, our editorials typically come from a perspective supportive of the American Constitution. We are in the process of clearly demarcating our news coverage, which we intend to be non-biased, from our opinion coverage. This separation is a work in progress and we would appreciate your assistance in "checking" our bias.

The publisher and editor-in-chief of FDL Review is Declan M. Hurley, a committed constitutionalist, entrepreneur, and political commentator. He launched the site amid the contentious presidential election of 2016, when now-President Donald Trump defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Hurley is also the founder of Hurley Coins and Students for Constitutional Government and he has contributed to the Buffalo News and WorldNetDaily. He maintains a personal blog that can be found here:

All unsigned content is the work of Declan M. Hurley.