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The Media Targeted Secretary Price

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price had a superb career as a practicer of orthopedic surgery, an eight-year stint in the Georgia State Senate, and a six-term stint in the United States House of Representatives. Prior to serving as a member of the Trump cabinet, he was the House Budget Committee chairman.

Serving as a member of the cabinet is oftentimes the pinnacle of one's political career, for only a few jobs -- namely the presidency and the House speakership -- transcend its scope. Secretary Price, a vocal critic of attempts at socialized healthcare, was doing very well in his role.

Despite all of his accomplishments, Price's career came crashing down because of a liberal hit job.

In an article published by POLITICO, which has become an aggressive mouthpiece for liberal causes, Price took $1 million worth of flights on military airplanes over the course of his tenure as Secretary. Upon the release of the news, Price apologized, said that he would not resume his us…

Friends of Obamacare: Senators Cruz, McCain, Paul, Collins

Judging by their recent actions, Senators Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), John McCain (R-Arizona), Ted Cruz (R-Texas), and Susan Collins (R-Maine) should start a new campaign finance pool to help fund their future political efforts: Friends of Obamacare PAC.

These four senators are standing in opposition to the Graham-Cassidy proposal, a new piece of "repeal & replace" legislation brought forth by Senators Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) and Bill Cassidy (R-Louisana). While the proposal is not the overwhelming repeal that some conservatives sought, it is a step in the right direction for several reasons: It eliminates the individual and corporate mandate. Many Americans are penalized by fines because they cannot afford healthcare. Senator Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) summed it up well when he said, "To fine someone because they don’t have access to affordable health care is beyond absurd."It scales back Medicaid, instead giving block grants to the states so that they can pe…

Amnesty Erodes Rule of Law

Illegal immigration, largely a result of permeability along the southern border, is a problem that has affected our country for a long time. According to the Pew Research Center, there are currently 11 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. This figure represents 3.4% of our population.

Out of sheer expense as well humanity, I do not see mass deportations as the answer. It is simply not practical to eject 11 million people from our country. However, the idea of wholesale amnesty for illegal immigrants also rubs me in a bad way for several reasons.

First off, every illegal alien has committed the crime of entering our country without approval from the United States government. While a wide majority of them do not “bring drugs” or “crime,” more than a few do commit so-called victimless crimes like as tax evasion, welfare fraud, or voter fraud.

Additionally, illegal immigrants take jobs that could otherwise be filled by American citizens and undercut pay.

Many politician…

Twitter Poll: 83% Seek Special Prosecutor for Clinton

Yesterday, I published an article making the case that there should be a special prosecutor appointed to investigate Hillary Clinton's crimes: perjury, obstruction of justice, and gross carelessness in the handling of highly sensitive materials. These offenses all stem from her improper use of a private email server and her deletion of 31,830 emails upon being told to hand them over to the State Department.

Seeking the opinions of others, I set up a poll on my Twitter account. The question was simple enough: "Should Hillary Clinton be investigated by a special prosecutor?" I expected that the votes would be divided between "Yes" and "No," and accordingly I was quite surprised by the final tally.
83% of the respondents supported a special prosecutor for Clinton. Apparently, an overwhelming majority of the American people seek an investigation into Hillary Clinton that is not tainted by James Comey and Loretta Lynch, both of whom were staples of the Obam…

Special Prosecutor Should Investigate Sec. Clinton

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton used an unsecure private server to send and receive work-related emails, some of which were Top Secret. Upon being told to turn over her emails to the State Department, she deleted 31,830 of them and wiped the private server using BleachBit.

According to Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-South Carolina), “When you are using BleachBit, it is something you really do not want the world to see.”

So, what was Hillary hiding? 
We will never know, especially considering that James Comey and Loretta Lynch politicized the FBI and DOJ investigations into the matter. 

In the case of Comey, he pranced in front of the TVs on July 5, 2016 and declared that while Hillary was “extremely careless,” he did not recommend charges against her. Aside from being a massive breach of protocol, for Comey is an investigator and not a prosecutor, his announcement was drafted months before the investigation had concluded. 
According to recent reports, Comey had circulated a memo declaring the …