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Harley Spiller: Jaded During the Election?

Google defines "jaded" as "tired, bored, or lacking enthusiasm, typically after having had too much of something." Synonyms include surfeited, sated, satiated, glutted and an antonym is fresh.

There has been more political reportage in my face these last few months than ever before. Maybe it's just because my mind's eye is taking me to pundits more because my heart is wrenching with fear at our current political climate in the USA and internationally for that matter. The amount of restaurant criticism has also been on the rise, concurrent with the onset of The Food Channel, celebrity chefs, food trucks, and more awareness of what's on our plate in general.  Is it any more or less jaded than in the past? I think not.

I am certainly more jaded - I never thought, for example, that I could tire of Chinese dumpling. However, after seeing, making, reading about, and eating thousands and thousands of them, I find their appeal running thinner.  I read about newfangled dumplings and in most cases I am not enticed.  The reporting seems steady but my opinions change with experience. Certainly restaurants take advertising in the media which helps the media stay afloat and so the reportage continues apace.

Alas a review, pro/con or in the middle, no longer influences me very much. I prefer to read and view as much as I can and make my own decisions based on the information but directed by my brain and belly both.  That's why I no longer feel the Old Grey Lady is the end all and be all, it's why I read the Wall Street Journal despite my distaste for much of its stance, it's why I read Al Jazeera and the Queens Courier and famous critics and lay reviews with the same emphasis.  It's a luxury to have open access to such diverging opinions and I feel very lucky to  parse the news as I see fit.  In other words, I love being informed via third parties but confidently judge them by my own parameters and stride forth getting the experience I need in person.

Thank you for reading my opinion, as off-center as it may be.