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Juan Pablo Andrade: Latinos Support Donald Trump

I am Juan Pablo Andrade of Long Island, New York.

I serve on the Donald Trump for President Campaign as a Surrogate and an Adviser for his National Diversity Coalition. I am a native Spanish speaker, and one of the only Spanish speakers serving as a Surrogate for Mr. Trump. I am on Univision, Telemundo and CNN Latino basically every week.

I support Donald J. Trump. But right now, I am not acting in my position on his campaign. I am writing as a U.S. citizen, I am writing as a voter, and I am writing as a Latino. I support Donald Trump because I am Latino. I am the first one of my family born here in the United States, with my parents coming here from Venezuela and Chile. My parents both came here legally to give my sister and me the best possible opportunities available, and I want to make sure that our future generations still have those same opportunities. Many of the national and state polls have Hillary Clinton with a wide lead and that is not right.

Hillary Clinton does not represent average Americans. She is literally the poster child of everything that is wrong with politicians nowadays. Do I even need to list everything that she’s done wrong? Honestly, it isn’t even possible. It would be a novel if I did, but I’ll name a few things wrong with her so that I can educate.

Hillary Clinton is the candidate of the globalists who is trying to strip this country of its wealth, jobs and its status as a sovereign nation. Her campaign is practically run by the Wall Street big-shots who are trying to regulate small business out of existence. The special interests control her, and she is their chosen representative. If elected, Clinton will appoint justices to the Supreme Court that do not see the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, but as a mere suggestion. Clinton willing to say and do anything to get herself elected. Regular citizens get arrested if they lie to the FBI, even once. Hillary Clinton has lied to them 39 times!

Its time to change this country for the better, and the change will begin with electing Donald Trump as President and Governor Mike Pence as Vice President. We have some great potential, but we will not be able to reach it with Hillary Clinton. In her 8 years as U.S. Senator from New York, she did NOTHING!

Being a Latino, I knew firsthand that Hillary Clinton never even stepped foot in the Latino communities in New York. Latinos coming from South or Central America that want to come here for a better life and for better opportunities, but they are not going to want their jobs and opportunities taken away from another Latino who happened to come here illegally. Being a Latino, the first thing I am always asked is about immigration because the media always talks about immigration when talking about Latinos. However, we care about important issues other than immigration. We care about the economy and jobs, national security, taxes, and healthcare. I want to see the Latino Community and all communities prosper, but NO communities are ever going to prosper under another Clinton Administration.

Under a Trump/Pence Administration, this country WILL prosper and we will be led into the future and not backwards. The pair will know how to handle any issues and any hardships this country may face.

Again, my name is Juan Pablo Andrade. I am a Latino from New York, and I am proud to say that I fully support Donald Trump for President of the United States of America.