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The Media Targeted Secretary Price

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price had a superb career as a practicer of orthopedic surgery, an eight-year stint in the Georgia State Senate, and a six-term stint in the United States House of Representatives. Prior to serving as a member of the Trump cabinet, he was the House Budget Committee chairman.

Serving as a member of the cabinet is oftentimes the pinnacle of one's political career, for only a few jobs -- namely the presidency and the House speakership -- transcend its scope. Secretary Price, a vocal critic of attempts at socialized healthcare, was doing very well in his role.

Tom Price hand-shredding pages from the ACA

Despite all of his accomplishments, Price's career came crashing down because of a liberal hit job.

In an article published by POLITICO, which has become an aggressive mouthpiece for liberal causes, Price took $1 million worth of flights on military airplanes over the course of his tenure as Secretary. Upon the release of the news, Price apologized, said that he would not resume his use of military aircraft, and tendered a check for $51,000 as partial reimbursement.

The liberal media refused to let the story (which presented a great -- yet unnecessary -- burden to HHS and the credibility of the Trump administration as a whole) die. Therefore, Price submitted his letter of resignation to the president on Friday.

CNN instantly jumped on the story. Their headline read, "Price out as HHS secretary after private plane scandal." The fact that they called it a "scandal" is laughable, considering the fact that the IRS' targeting of conservative groups (under Obama), the wiretapping of Trump officials before and after the election (under Obama), Hillary Clinton's deletion of 31,830 emails, and Fast and Furious never garnered the same moniker.

Even more glaring is the fact that Obama administration officials, namely former Attorney General Eric Holder, flew in military planes quite often. According to an article published by Fox News Network,

According to statistics provided by a senior administration official, the Trump White House has authorized fewer trips on military planes for senior officials than the Obama administration did during the first eight months in office.
From Jan. 20 to Sept. 19, the Trump administration authorized 77 military flights, while the Obama administration allowed 94 flights during the same time period, according to the stats.

These "improper" uses of military planes under Obama never garnered the same coverage, if any, as those under Trump.

Tom Price is a man with great ideas, a strong anti-big government streak, and gut. His only crime was being a conservative with opinions that run against the grain constructed by the liberal media.

Price isn't leaving begrudgingly, as some would under such circumstances. He emailed his HHS colleagues, writing, "What a great joy it has been to serve with you." He continued, saying, "The honor of leading the incredible folks at HHS is one I shall always treasure and never forget ... Duty is Ours -- Results are the Lord's!"