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President Trump Heralds Economic Prosperity

President Donald Trump, whose time in the Oval Office has been marked by huge gains in the stock and job markets, heralded Wednesday's economic headlines.

President Trump

The president recognized Apple, Inc., who announced that they will be launching new investments in the U.S. (to the tune of $350 billion), creating 20,000 new jobs, and giving $2,500 in unrestricted stock bonuses to employees. He wrote:

President Trump recognized the correlation between Apple, Inc.'s announcements and the recently-passed GOP tax reform legislation, which he signed just prior to Christmas.

Liberals stated that the law would balloon the deficits and give the middle class the shaft, but in practice, it is accelerating economic growth and paying dividends to workers. Major companies, including AT&T and Fifth Street Bancorp, announced large bonuses and wage increases, and others, including Boeing and Wells Fargo, announced new investment packages.

The president also stated that he is very proud of Fiat Chrysler, who announced that they will be moving production of the Ram from Mexico to Michigan. He wrote:

Lastly, the president acknowledged the strong volume of retail sales during the holiday season, which beat expectations.

Compared to last year, sales were up 5.5%, a major lift for brick-and-mortar retailers who have been struggling in the age of Amazon. President Trump wrote: