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Breitbart News Planning Next Step

Less than 36 hours after the release of juicy tidbits from Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff, Stephen K. Bannon may be on his way out of Breitbart News Network, the alternative media enterprise where he currently serves as executive chairman.

Stephen K. Bannon

Wolff claimed that Bannon represented Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer as "treasonous," chided Jared Kushner's business practices, and dubbed Ivanka Trump as the "queen of leaks." President Donald Trump responded harshly, saying that Bannon had "lost his mind" after being ousted from his post in the West Wing. Bannon has yet to state that he didn't make the comments against his former boss.

Bannon, whose site has bleeding readers since November 2016, was panned widely by those still tuning in.

For example, regarding Bannon, one Breitbart commenter wrote, "I supported the guy until this episode with the book. He's become a liability. Trump's right- he's lost his mind. Breitbart needs to carry on as Andrew [Breitbart] would have."

It appears that the big bosses at Breitbart are considering a move similar to the one proposed by the commenter. According to an explosive report published by The Wall Street Journal, Breitbart investor Rebekah Mercer and other board members are debating whether to take out the knives. It may not be pretty for Bannon: "many" of those in the discussions advocate for his removal.

Concerning the turn of events within Breitbart, The Wall Street Journal's Julie Bykowicz, Janet Hook, and Rebecca Ballhaus wrote:

Mr. Bannon’s longtime benefactors, billionaires Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah Mercer, are actively distancing from him even before the expected release of Michael Wolff’s book 'Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,' according to two people close to the Mercers. 
They and other Breitbart News Network LLC board members on Thursday were debating whether to oust Mr. Bannon as chairman, with many supportive of the move, according to a person familiar with the exchanges. Among the considerations are Breitbart’s contractual relationships with other entities, including Sirius XM radio, that involve Mr. Bannon. 
Staffers at Breitbart, which Mr. Bannon has called his 'killing machine,' described a 'chaotic' day at the company, with writers—many personally recruited by Mr. Bannon—wondering whether he would last the day.