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Primary Challengers Fail in Illinois

In the Illinois primaries, the incumbents were successful at retaining the support of their respective parties.

In the closely-watched Democratic primary for the 3rd congressional district of Illinois, incumbent Representative Dan Lipinski was able to ward off Marie Newman, who was challenging him from the left. Lipinski, who had the support of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi but not the the DCCC, was smeared for his pro-life stance.

Newman, on the other hand, was ardently pro-choice and was backed by abortion rights groups like Emily's List.

Lipinski won 51% of the vote to Newman's 49%. Newman conceded on Wednesday morning.

Gov. Bruce Rauner

On the Republican side of the aisle, incumbent Gov. Bruce Rauner survived a challenge by state Senator Jeanne Ives. Ives was able to attract widespread grassroots support by attacking Rauner for his pro-choice stance.

Rauner, considered one of the most vulnerable of the Republicans up for reelection in 2018, will face J.B. Pritzker, who secured the nomination of the Democratic Party. 

Both Pritzker and Rauner are billionaires, and it is widely believed that the showdown between the two will represent one of the most expensive gubernatorial races in history.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the race is "expected to easily shatter Illinois campaign spending records and make a run at the national mark."