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Hungary's Viktor Orban is a Foe of Anti-Semitism

In elections conducted last month, Hungary granted two-thirds of the seats in the National Assembly to the Fidesz Party, led by Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Support for Orban's party is still growing, according to a poll that was conducted by the Nezopont Institute and reported on by the Hungary Journal. They write that Fidesz's "popularity has reached 54% among decided voters this month," indicating that they have gained as many as 400,000 new supporters since the elections.

Despite the clear support for Orban, liberals in Hungary and around the world have argued that Fidesz stole the election from the fractured opposition parties. Douglas Wake, for example, argued that Fidesz "constricted the space for genuine political debate."

Prime Minister Viktor Orban

However, liberals haven't stopped at tarring Orban and Fidesz with allegations of electoral misconduct -- some go as far as to argue that Hungary's prime minister is an anti-Semite.

Progressive billionaire George Soros, who has poured his cash into Hungarian politics, argued that Orban is "stoking anti-Muslim sentiment and employing anti-Semitic tropes reminiscent of the 1930s."

However, Orban's record as prime minister clearly indicates that Soros' allegations against him and his party are preposterous.

George Soros

For example, since he took the Hungarian helm, Orban has fearlessly championed for Holocaust remembrance. Michael B. Dougherty writes,

It was Orbán who made denial of the Holocaust a crime. It was Orbán’s government who financed the Oscar-winning film Son of Saul about the death camp at Auschwitz. Orbán basked in the success of the film, even as fascists in Hungary denounced it ... The House of Terror Museum, which his government helped found and funds, documents the fascist persecution of Jews, and Stalin’s purge of Jews in Hungary’s state apparatus.

As shown by Orban's record of opposition to anti-Semitism, George Soros' accusations against the prime minister are provably false. Not only is Orban a foe of anti-Semitism; Hungarian Judaism has flourished under his leadership.

In fact, economist David P. Goldman argues that thanks to Orban, Hungary has emerged as the safest place for Europe's Jews amid a resurgence of anti-Semitism on the continent.

In a column for PJ Media, Goldman writes about his recent visit in Hungary, outlining his positive experiences. He says,

After violent attacks on Jews in German streets, the leaders of Germany’s Jewish community warned Jews last month  not to wear a kippah or any other visible sign of Jewish identification in public. The French community issued such warnings years ago. Belgian TV could not find a single Jew in Brussels willing to wear a kippah in public.  I walked across Budapest four times ... and no-one looked at my kippah twice.

Goldman continued, writing that "Jewish life isn’t just flourishing in Budapest" -- it is "roaring with ruach, and livened by a growing Israeli presence."

The observations made by Goldman are also backed by empirical evidence. Jobbik, an anti-Semitic Hungarian party, slipped in the 2018 elections: they now have the support of only 19% of Hungary, compared to over 20% in 2014.

In Hungary, support for anti-Semitism -- although rare -- is becoming even more uncommon.

Goldman thanks Orban for his support for Hungarian Jews, also noting that the prime minister has defended Judaism in his foreign policy.

Goldman writes,

Orban ... is one of Israel’s few staunch supporters overseas. Earlier this month Hungary, along with Rumania and the Czech Republic, vetoed a European Community resolution condemning the U.S. for moving its embassy to Jerusalem. ... It doesn’t help Hungary to provoke Brussels by sabotaging its diplomatic efforts, as in the case of the Jerusalem embassy vote. On the contrary, Hungary is spending precious political capital in defense of the Jewish state, to its own possible disadvantage [emphasis added].

It is clear that Orban, who has strongly championed Israel's right to choose its own capital, isn't the boogieman that Soros makes him out to be. Instead, Orban is a tireless advocate for the right of the Jewish people to prosper in Hungary and around the globe.

Viktor Orban and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Goldman closes his column by saying that Hungary is "the safest country in Europe for Jews (the Czech Republic is friendly to Jews, but fewer than 4,000 live there, vs. 100,000 in Hungary)."

This statement runs counter to those made by liberals, but thanks to Orban's leadership, Goldman is correct. The cancer of anti-Semitism is evaporating and Hungary is now an epicenter for Jewish advancement.

In addition to assisting the Jewish community in Hungary, Orban has stewarded impressive economic growth and protected Hungarians from the influx of migrants that is rocking other European nations.

Viktor Orban's stellar record on issues of importance, not electoral misconduct, is the reason why his party won 67% of the seats in the Hungarian Assembly.