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Judge Kavanaugh's Assault Accuser Emerges

In the summer of 1982, when Ronald Reagan was in his second year as president, a heavily intoxicated Brett Kavanaugh allegedly engaged in a nonconsensual sexual encounter with Christine Ford, now was psychologist in California, per an account published in The Washington Post.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh

The encounter, as recounted by Ford, allegedly occurred at a party with four boys, Ford, and no parents. Ford had heard about the gathering by word-of-mouth, and there, Kavanaugh -- now a judge on the D.C. Court of Appeals and President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee -- and his friend, Mark Judge, allegedly lured her into a bedroom.

Kavanaugh, "hindered by intoxication," struggled to remove Ford's one-piece bathing suit, and the encounter was stunted altogether when Judge, in an apparently playful fashion, jumped on Kavanaugh and Ford, allowing Ford to dash away.

Ford's allegations were initially advanced in a letter sent by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California) to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a move that was slammed by liberals and conservatives alike for being partisan in nature. Ford, however, just revealed herself as the accuser.

Ford and Judge, now a writer, have painted a picture of Kavanaugh as a heavy drinker in high school. The judge allegedly puked in a car and passed out in separate incidents, and in his yearbook entry, there was drinking-related innuendo. If underage intoxication is a factor in the Supreme Court vote, perhaps Kavanaugh will join a club of millions who will furthermore be automatically disqualified for doing the same.

The question for this writer, therefore, is not whether Ford's story is true (I have no reason to disbelieve her account), but whether the encounter represents sexual assault, and whether this would be a disqualifying factor when committed 36 years ago by a drunk 17-year-old.

People make regrettable decisions as drunk teenagers, hence sealed criminal records for adolescents -- Kavanaugh shouldn't be an exception just because he was nominated by Donald Trump.