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Our Election Diarist's Campaign Trail Update (9/8/20)

The direction of the Biden campaign has been a question all along, but is now clear that the Biden campaign is simply following the cues of the Trump campaign.

Joe Biden (NBC News)

The recent uptick in activity amongst the Biden campaign is no surprise. Quite coincidentally, the shift in strategy comes a week after the Republican National Convention in which Republicans took an optimistic and patriotic approach in addressing the state of the nation. It is clear amongst polls that since the conventions President Donald Trump has the momentum on his side as he battles former Vice President Joe Biden. Though Biden is still leading, Trump has narrowed the gap. The shift toward Trump has forced Biden out of his bunker.

The reason for Biden's emergence is evident: He realizes that the Republicans and Trump have gained momentum. This has not been a plan of the Biden campaign all along as their hopes would be that Biden would make as few public appearances as possible. The Biden campaign is now thinking on the fly and they have no constructed plan as to how they will go about campaigning and keeping Biden’s unscripted talking to a minimum.

Biden has since made appearances in Wilmington, Delaware and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Yes, Biden went to talk in a historically blue state with three electoral votes at hand. This makes you think that the Biden campaign is trying to keep the environment as comfortable and familiar as possible for the man himself. The lack of travel has been eye opening and could be a sign of Biden’s predicted fatigue. Biden won nearly 90% of the primary vote in Delaware. The simple answer to why Biden made an appearance in Delaware is because it was last minute and easy for his campaign to set up. Biden’s appearance to Pennsylvania definitely makes more sense as it is a swing state but, again, it is very easy and accessible for the Biden campaign.

On September 3rd, Biden made a visit that appeared very familiar to the Republicans. Biden visited Kenosha, Wisconsin, two days after Trump visited. Biden classified Kenosha as a result of Trump’s America two days prior. How insulting is that to the people who lost their businesses and livelihoods? The city is in shambles due to “Donald Trump’s America” and the person who declared that the reason for the destruction is simply using the city for political gain while not condemning the real reason for the violence. The complete politicization of the recent violence by the Democrats demonstrates their hypocrisy. Biden is using a city destroyed by violence to benefit his campaign. And the concerning part is that Biden has not condemned the violence. The Biden campaign is copycatting the Trump campaign and how they made the move to visit Kenosha. 

Shouldn’t the Biden campaign be in New Hampshire where they received 8.4% of the Democratic primary vote? Shouldn’t they be in Vermont, North Dakota, Colorado, Utah, and California, states that Biden did not win in the primaries? Biden has minimized his need to campaign in these states as he has been bowing to the progressive left. Yet, he should still be concerned about Democratic states being lost due to the enthusiasm of Trump supporters.

Shouldn’t Biden be in Ohio, Iowa and Folorda, states that were crucial to the Trump election in 2016? His absence is why I believe that Biden and his campaign have no plan. The same thing happened with Hilary Clinton in 2016 when she took the foot off the gas with her campaigning as the election approached. Trump thrived off of that as he gained last minute support in many of the swing states in the two months approaching the election.

The one thing that Biden does have going for him right now is the violence in our nation. The people causing violence are the only people who are showing enthusiasm for Biden. Instead of having lawn signs or flags, Biden supporters show their support by burning down the local pizza joint. The evidence for this is clear as directs you to the Biden campaign website. The Democrats’ reasoning for the violence is “Donald Trump’s America” when in reality the only people perpetuating violence are radical Democrats. Governor Andrew Cuomo said that Trump “better have an army” if he comes back to New York City. The media does not mention this though as the narrative is so far left that if this was baseball it would be a foul ball. The media says Trump promotes the violence while one of the most influential Democrats is basically threatening Trump’s safety if he comes to New York City. Trump needs to take the right steps in addressing the violence in America if he wants a win in November.

The fact of the matter is that the Biden campaign has no direction. They are in no way prepared for the upcoming days leading up to the election. They watch what Trump does and copy it. They support violence in the streets. They have no plan. This will cost the Democrats greatly in the 2020 election.

This piece was written by FDL Review's election diarist, who prefers to remain anonymous.


  1. This is an extremely well written article that is 100% correct.

  2. This is such a poorly researched article that lacks perspective. The Antifa website was a clear prank, but yet used it as a main argument for why antifa apparently equals Biden. Biden describes Kenosha as a product of Donald Trumps America because he has long ignored the plight of Black Americans.


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