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Our Election Diarist: The Momentum is With President Trump

We are now a week away from the election that will change America forever. Considering all that has happened in 2020, it is an accomplishment that we made it to this most crucial point. The stage is set. President Donald Trump is facing off against former Vice President Joe Biden for the position of “Leader of the Free World.”

President Trump in New Hampshire

Regardless of what anyone says, no one knows who is going to win this election. If an outsider were to predict the election results based on enthusiasm, Trump would win every state and the Electoral College. Trump supporters for the most part are proud, vocal, present at rallies, and excited to vote. Biden supporters are for the most part quiet, reserved, not present in any campaign events and quite honestly embarrassed that their party leader is Biden.

The enthusiasm is so great for Trump that many people are unable to conceive how many pollsters have Biden as the resounding favorite. Just a few days ago, Trump held a small meet and greet in suburban Maine and 3,000 supporters coincidentally showed up! I am not sure if Biden has spoken in front of a combined 3,000 people over the course of the last three months! Just today, Trump held three separate sold-out rallies in three different Pennsylvania locations. On the other hand, Biden has spoken in Chester, Pennsylvania in front of probably 10-15 members of the press. Trump supporters are enthusiastic and the president has the momentum riding into Election Day.

Throughout the final stretch, the two candidates have narrowed their focus to a few key issues. Trump is focusing on jobs, the economy, and optimism for his next term. Biden is focusing on Covid-19 and the way that Trump is handling the pandemic, family, healthcare and race. To this point, Trump has been clear in his stance on everything besides updated healthcare plans.On the other hand, aside from the debates, it has been very difficult to identify Biden’s stance on specific issues such as court packing, taxes, and his spending plans. Biden has been reluctant to answer questions clearly throughout the campaign trail, but it has never been more evident than within the last month.

Looking forward, Trump will continue his travels as usual with countless numbers of rallies and events every day. Biden said today that in the upcoming week he will be traveling to Ohio, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and “maybe some others,” to use his exact words. If I were to compare the Trump and Biden campaigns in terms of cars, Trump is a 2020 Corvette and Biden is a 2009 Chevrolet Impala. One campaign does not take its foot off the gas, while the other needs to do everything it could to make it to November 3rd.

Before wrapping up, I cannot help but note one specific form of hypocrisy among the Democratic Party. In the second presidential debate, Biden mentioned how he is running as a “uniter” who condemns all forms of hate in the country. He exclaimed that a nation run by him would consist of less hate then “Donald Trump’s America.” After this statement, I was baffled because his entire campaign is reliant on hate. The basis of the Biden campaign is hatred for Trump. His supporters do not actually support him personally, but rather hate the president.

I became more baffled after the debate ended because every answer that Biden offered was rooted in hatred for Trump and those who support him. Democrats have preached how voting for Biden would “unite” and how Biden is one who “unites,” but in reality it is rather the opposite. Democrats are blind to the hate in their own party. If you watch a Trump rally, he spends inconsequential time talking about Biden and more about what he will do to make the country better. If you tune into a Biden speech, the entire speech is directed as a condemnation of Trump and his way of doing business. I warn people to look out for this hypocrisy and give thought to which campaign will unite.

As a young conservative, I realize how important the 2020 election is. I was unable to vote in 2016 but supported Trump and followed his campaign very closely. I would say that the 2016 campaign trail was my “introduction to politics” as I realized how important the results of an election are. Believe it or not, I see the 2016 pattern playing out this time around. Just like 2020, the 2016 polls favored the Democratic candidate, which resulted in weak campaigning and eventually a loss for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Just like in 2016, Trump has campaigned relentlessly with massive crowds and an outpouring of public support.

Furthermore, as I said before, the Biden campaign is holding on for dear life. They are making the minimum number of stops and public appearances possible. Just like 2016, there is a silent majority who say they are voting blue, but these words are empty and only intended to avoid reputational damage. This year more than ever, wealthy Democrats who do not want to be taxed at absurd rates will quietly cast their ballot for Donald Trump. The silent majority is real. If Trump can pull in the votes of the silent just like he did in 2016, I feel like he will have a similar result.

I am no one to say who will win the 2020 election, but I can say Trump has the momentum headed into the last leg of the race.

This piece was written by FDL Review's election diarist, who prefers to remain anonymous.


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