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Our Election Diarist's Final Entry (11/2/20)

America, we have reached the eve of the most important election in our lifetimes. The fate of the United States is on the ballot. Allow me to offer my predictions and my recommendation.

President Donald Trump

The State of the Race:

Today, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are making their final rounds on the campaign trail. Biden spoke in Cleveland and will proceed to Pennsylvania, where he will spend the remainder of his day. Trump started his day in North Carolina and will proceed to Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. As the story has been all campaign, Trump will be in front of a large crowd and Biden will be speaking in front of a few Honda Civics. Enthusiasm is in favor of Trump headed into election day.

Headed into tomorrow, the states to watch are Minnesota (10), Michigan (16), Pennsylvania (20) and Florida (29). As I noted above, it is very telling that both Biden and Trump are spending the majority of their final day on the trail in Pennsylvania. Also to be noted is President Obama campaigning in Florida for Biden today. Florida has been a top target of the Trump campaign, and the president himself spent the early hours of this morning at a rally in Miami.

Trump and Biden’s rationales are clear: if either candidate were to win Pennsylvania and Florida, the election would be over.

Minnesota—too close to call: Minnesota has been out of the headlines for a bit, but the Biden campaign planning a last-minute event in Minneapolis on Friday turned my head. It is clear that Biden is not entirely confident in winning Minnesota, which Clinton managed to do—just barely—in 2016. The destruction of the state ignited by the killing of George Floyd certainly inspired many small business owners and other Minnesota residents to vote for Trump.

MichiganBiden: I feel as if Michigan will resort back to historical trends and be a win for Biden. In 2016, Trump won Michigan by less than a half of a percentage point. This time around, the Detroit metro area will probably attract more voters this year and swing Michigan leftward.

PennsylvaniaTrump: Pennsylvania would greatly benefit economically from a Trump reelection. Though the margin in the Keystone State will be narrow, I project that Trump will win Pennsylvania based on economic implications. Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris has outright said she would ban fracking, and Biden has not taken a distinctive stance on the issue. Though many outside of the state do not know what the implications of such a ban are, 25% of all United States fracking is done in Pennsylvania. The amount of jobs and opportunities that fracking creates for non-college educated citizens is immense! If I were to predict Pennsylvania, I would mark Trump the winner based solely on economics.

Floridatoo close to call: Florida comes in as the game changer. Trump won Florida in 2016 with his support from seniors (65+). This year it will be the Hispanic vote that is necessary to put him over the edge. With Trump’s Hispanic support nearly doubling, the high contingency of the Latino/Hispanic population in Florida makes the Sunshine State a focus for the president. Elderly voters will be the determining factor of the 29 electoral votes. If Trump can match his performance among Florida’s seniors, or mitigate his losses, he will add the state’s 29 electoral votes to his name. If Biden grabs a high percentage of the 65+ vote, Florida will most likely turn blue.

Trump's advantage: Trump Trump has rallied the minority vote in his favor. He has nearly tripled the percentage of African-American voters in favor of him and nearly doubled his voting percentage among Hispanic voters. Though the media will tell you otherwise, Trump has done astronomical things for the minority voter who is willing to work hard. Over the past several years, there have been countless job initiatives in communities with a high concentration of African-American and Hispanic voters. Sadly, the media refuses to tell the true story of the opportunity zones created and job opportunities given to the minority voter. Declared voting intentions show that Trump successfully cut through the media’s deceptions and improved his outreach and initiative among communities of color.

My Recommendation: Vote for Trump

The United States as a whole is strong with Trump in command. Regardless of what anyone says, he has done more to reduce international conflict than any other president since Ronald Reagan. Trump developed a relationship with nuclear superpower, North Korea. Biden has condemned Kim Jong-Un, which may prove to be costly if he is elected. He also wants to tax big businesses that create jobs on top of jobs for Americans. Taxing corporate business within the United States will be a victory for China and other foreign nations that export to the United States. Also, Democrats want to lower military spending and take away funding for the police officers who provide us with safety and comfort.

As a young conservative, I understand the importance of this election on the fundamental values of the nation. Biden and Harris are running the most progressive, socialist campaign in American history. Though Biden is historically not a socialist, he has shifted policy left to attract Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren supporters. Even Biden understands he needs to account for the socialist vote, which became evident when he chose Kamala Harris as his running mate. Kamala Harris very well may be the most progressive person in government!

Americans are ignorant if they do not recognize the extensive role Harris would play in a Biden/Harris presidency. Heck, she even said it was a “Harris, Biden ticket!” The nation is on the brink of making the turn towards an entirely socialist nation. It is up to conservatives, constitutionalists and traditional democrats to not let this happen.

Keep one thing in mind: A victory for Biden would be a defeat for the American constitution and everything it stands for.

This piece was written by FDL Review's election diarist, who prefers to remain anonymous.