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President Trump Appoints Larry Schweikart to National Board for Educational Sciences

On Tuesday, historian Larry Schweikart announced that President Donald Trump appointed him to the National Board for Educational Sciences, which assists in the management of the Institute of Education Sciences (IES). The IES's mandate is to gather the statistics necessary for developing federal educational policy.

Larry Schweikart

Schweikart announced his appointment on Twitter, writing, "Pleased to report I have been appointed by President Donald Trump to a 4-year appointment to the Board of Directors for the National Board for Educational Sciences. This is a non-revocable appointment." He added, "I am now an embed in the unfortunate case Trump cannot overturn the fraud."

Schweikart is a longtime supporter of Trump. He is a retired professor of history at the University of Dayton who co-authored A Patriot's History of the United States and Why Trump Won, along with many other books and pieces of academic research.

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